From the ever-changing algorithms of streaming platforms to the web of performance rights, the music landscape is a minefield of complexity. But what if we told you that's exactly where your next big opportunity lies? We’ve got the experience and expertise to decode this intricate industry and turn your challenges into your greatest advantages.


Your business is like an original song… unique and full of heart. Think of us like top-notch producers… we know how to bring your song to life and make it a hit. We’ve worked with enough players in the industry to understand the common challenges and exactly how to tackle them.

What's Holding You Back

How We Help

Fragmented data from multiple sources leading to high-effort, error-prone royalty accounting.
Integrating and cleansing data sources through state-of-the-art ETL processes and automation, ensuring royalties are precisely calculated and distributed.
High overhead costs for content licensing and administration.
Automation of administrative processes and facilitation of direct licensing agreements to minimize costs and maximize profit.
Constantly evolving content platforms and consumption models requiring rapid technical adaptation.
Adoption of flexible architecture and agile development frameworks, ensuring your systems keep up with industry advancement and consumer behavior.
Navigating the complex regulatory landscape of copyright and royalties.
Designing adaptable systems equipped to manage multi-dimensional aspects of geography, time, and policies, ensuring agile response to shifting regulations and compliance demands.
Challenges in content recommendation and personalization for streaming platforms.
Incorporating AI-driven recommendation engines and user behavior analysis tools to create a tailored listening or viewing experience for users.


While there are technical challenges common across the space, your organization’s goals align with your role in the industry. We're attuned to the nuanced objectives across the spectrum and are dedicated to helping you achieve them.

Performance Rights Organizations

Crafting data-driven strategies to accelerate royalty collection, enhance distribution efficiency, and ensure robust compliance.

Production Music Companies

Tuning into industry trends to produce in-demand sync licensing content, while leveraging robust metadata management and AI-enhanced tools, ensuring your perfect track is discoverable and primed for precise placement.

Publishing Entities

Streamlining administrative processes to reduce overhead, allowing you to channel more resources into the creative nurturing of your writers and into the effective pitching of your catalog to increase current revenue as well as the long-term value of your assets.

Record Labels

Optimizing promotional strategies and distribution channels to elevate artist visibility, while managing contracts and royalties efficiently to ensure both artist satisfaction and revenue growth.

Royalty Administration Firms

Streamlining complex data workflows to ensure accurate royalty collection and distribution, enabling effective management at an increasing scale without compromising precision or speed.

Streaming Services

Leveraging technological advancements to enhance user experience, personalize content delivery, and optimize data analytics, all while maintaining efficient content licensing and ensuring fair royalty distribution to creators.



Orchestrating a SaaS Business: From Legacy to Leading Edge
Finance / Accounting / Music / Private Equity

Designed new asset registration flow for external users to reduce internal manual processing by 75%

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